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Rain gutters are a must for homeowners in most parts of the country. They are mean to protect a house from the worst effects of rain, preserving your investment for decades without losing their stability. If you’re familiar with the benefits of rain gutters, chances are you also know that aluminum gutters are arguably the best choice for most buildings, to the point that they are a favorite among homeowners. For this reason, your rain gutter installation service is very likely to have your gutters made out of aluminum, especially if you’re going for a seamless guttering system.

While seamless aluminum gutters are fairly widespread in California, it’s still important to recognize the traits that set them apart from other rain gutter profiles. So, what are seamless aluminum gutters? We tell you all you need to know.

Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Seamless gutters are well-liked among those who are familiar with all the gutter profiles available in the market. There’s lot to be gained in terms of maintenance and visual appearance, because seamless gutters have no joints keeping their parts together. A seamless gutter is one single unit that’s only divided around the downspouts and in cases where the gutter has to surround multiple corners. The lack of seams not only offers a sleek appearance but reduces the chances of leaks to almost zero. In turn, you can also protect your property from mold/mildew, and all the health risks that go with it.

his also makes maintenance more efficient, because there are no joints where debris can get stuck on. In most cases, you can use a hose to drive away the leaves and branches that have landed inside your gutters, so you only have to maintain a regular cleaning schedule to make sure that there’s no leftover debris collecting within.

Why Aluminum?

Seamless gutters can be made of steel or copper, but aluminum is by far the most requested material. This is primarily because aluminum gutters can hold more water than your average gutter system. Aluminum is a strong enough material to redirect high volumes of water all the way to the downspouts without overflowing, and this can be a very reassuring notion during the rainy season where storms are long and unrelenting.

Of course, this also has much to do with the decisions you make before installing your gutters. If your city sees a lot of heavy rains throughout the year, it’s important to make sure your gutters wide is enough to collect rainwater from your roof and channel it to the ground. If your gutter capacity doesn’t match your roof’s size and pitch, you may get a strong guttering system, but it won’t be enough to redirect all the rainwater away from your foundations. This is why the expertise of a professional gutter installer is such an asset.

There are other perks that make aluminum so popular among homeowners. Here’s a complete list:

    • It’s lightweight, making the installation process quicker and much less dangerous.
    • It’s flexible enough to offer several customization options, and this is a huge advantage when the roof has a complex design and multiple angles.
    • There are several colors available to paint gutters without causing deterioration.
    • It’s corrosion-resistant.
  • It lasts an average of 20 years. Aluminum gutters can last even longer depending on the local climate/environment and the amount of maintenance the gutters get throughout the year.

Now that you know about seamless aluminum gutters, you need the best company to help you through the installation process. Rain gutter installation is a difficult endeavor in all scenarios, but seamless gutters add a whole new level of complexity in which one wrong measurement can disrupt the entire guttering system. While aluminum provides many practical advantages to simplify the process, a DIY approach might not get you very far, especially, if you want your gutters to remain strong for decades to come. The solution you want is right here.